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The Rx for Your Medical Billing Needs

Is Your Medical Billing Process Healthy?

Let GTA Medical billing cure these common billing symptoms:
  • Sluggish claims submission
  • Apathetic or inexperienced billers
  • Confusion from lack of billing information
  • Rejection caused by inaccurate coding
  • Headache from high denial rates
  • Shortness of breath from paper overload
  • Stressful, lengthy payment cycles

GTA Medical Billing

As a medical professional, you fully understand the importance of making the right referrals for your patients – making sure they get the best attention and care that you can’t directly provide. As a business professional in today’s complex healthcare environment, it makes sense to outsource your medical billing to the medical billing professionals, GTA Medical Billing. With GTA, you’ll enjoy:
  • Reduced Overhead – smaller office staff
  • Enhanced Cash Flow – pay for claims service after claims are paid
  • Automatic Appeal – for higher recoveries of denied claims
  • Business Continuity – an experienced team to handle your work
  • Service Guarantee – claims processed within 24 hours of receipt
If you’ve been in business for years, or even if you’re just starting out, you owe it to yourself to explore the efficiency and accuracy of working with GTA Medical Billing.

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“Working with GTA enabled me to reduce our staffing, and opened up more office space so we could better serve our patients…”

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