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FAQ: Your Medical Billing Questions Answered

Q: Why hire a medical billing company?
A: The short answer is, Return On Investment.

Q: Why outsource our medical billing?
A: The short answer is “ROI.” GTA is compensated from results, so we are motivated to get you the maximum return on your claims, in the fastest possible time.

The long answer is, think of everything you won’t have to deal with anymore!

  • High turnover; unmotivated billers
  • Benefits, sick days, vacation, 401k
  • Training
  • Office space
  • Management
  • Systems to support billing
  • Forms, toner, supplies, postage, phone calls, coding, and billing books
  • Mostly, you’ll collect more money, sooner. That’s the GTA difference!

Q: How is GTA compensated?
A: GTA receives a small commission on funds collected after your practice receives them. We don’t get paid until after you get paid. To learn more about our commission structure, call us at 800-414-7220.

Q: We still process claims on paper. How can you help us?
A: We pick up claims from our paper clients at least twice a week. We also have the software and technology to transition you to Electronic Records Management (EMR), and move to electronic claims transmission for claims processing.

Q: I’m just starting a practice. Does GTA make sense for me?
A: Absolutely! First of all, think of the cash flow advantages – hiring a billing staff and their attendant overhead vs. hiring a billing company that gets paid after you do. When you’re starting out, you need to spend time building your business, not training and managing staff. The only downside is, you won’t be able to trade war stories with your peers who still do their billing in-house!

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