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“We have been using GTA Medical Billing for the past 15 years. We have found them to be ethical, efficient, and personal. As well as consistently giving our office a regular cash flow, they have functioned as our patients’ advocates when dealing with the insurance companies. They truly give the impression that they are an extension of our staff. We highly recommend their services without reservation.”

Stephen H., MD and Julie D., MD
Summit, NJ

“As the principal physician in our practice, my working relationship with GTA is every bit as crucial to our success as are our referral relationships and the care that we provide. Grace and her team are consistently on top of each claim so that it gets to the correct payor with all the requirements in a timely fashion. In addition, I appreciate the close working relationship that we have developed to manage: registrations, insurance participation strategies, aging, balances, denials, checks sent to patients and all of the other issues that would otherwise sink a practice. There is no way that I could bring this kind of expertise in-house and especially not with such consistency.”

Thomas B., MD
Teaneck NJ

“Working with GTA enabled me to reduce our staffing, and opened up more office space so we could better serve our patients. We had literally been swimming in paperwork. With GTA, I know we’re getting the best possible payment on each claim.”

Edward S., MD
Bayonne, NJ

“I would heartily endorse GTA as follows: Hesitation describes the way I relinquished our in-house billing services. Control has always been important to me and still is important. We entered the relationship with GTA as a trial to see if they could do as promised. The potential rewards outweighed the risks in my assessment of their services. GTA has performed as promised. GTA provides reports as requested and necessary to know exactly where we stand on a monthly basis. GTA interacts with our third party payors and are more assertive than my in-house personnel ever were. I confidently assert that the fees we pay GTA are less than the cost of billing in-house and that a greater percentage of our charges become collections! It is extremely unlikely our billing will ever revert to in-house efforts.”

J. Scott S., PT
Wilmington, NC

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“Working with GTA enabled me to reduce our staffing, and opened up more office space so we could better serve our patients…”

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