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The Bottom Line:
Improved Medical Billing Efficiency And Return On Investment

Call us at 800-414-7220. We’ll review your current situation, and explain in detail how GTA can streamline your medical billing process, increase the accuracy and timeliness of claims submission, and show how you can enjoy faster and better cash flow.

We can also help with your EMR needs, so your practice can enjoy improved productivity, greater profitability, and enhanced patient care.

As a GTA client, your practice will enjoy:

  • Professional medical billing compliance program
  • Full HIPAA compliance
  • Complete record audit process
  • Training for staff
  • File pickup 2X/week or more, or electronic file transmission
  • Patient registration
  • Posting of all payments
  • Monthly statements to patients
  • Insurance electronic claim submission (paper claim where required)
  • Follow-up on all insurance claims
  • Follow-up on patient accounts via telephone and mail
  • Assignment of delinquent accounts to collection agencies as directed
  • Follow-up with collection agency accounts
  • Monthly Executive Summary and comprehensive financial reports
  • Interaction with patients and insurance payers as necessary
  • Quarterly meetings to review reports, billing practices, and related issues
  • CPT and ICD9 coding
  • All payments sent directly to your practice (or direct deposit)

Our compensation is a small percentage of the funds paid to your practice through our efforts. This gives us an incentive to process your claims promptly and accurately. It also gives us motivation to zealously pursue underpayments and claim denials (all denials are routinely appealed).

If you view your billing department as a high-overhead expense and source of frustration, working with GTA can provide a dramatic boost to your billing Return On Investment. Call us today at 800-414-7220 to learn how to improve your billing efficiency and productivity.

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“Working with GTA enabled me to reduce our staffing, and opened up more office space so we could better serve our patients…”

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